Who we are


Who we are

Connect2Pharma is a combination of expertise comprising pharmacists, sales and marketing. Our knowledge of the NHS and understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals in the current NHS environment, allows us to understand why healthcare companies need to interact with the NHS in a supportive manner.

What we do

We provide a unique portal that allows healthcare companies to communicate directly with healthcare professionals. We encourage companies to understand what healthcare professionals need and to deliver in a user friendly way. We support the concept of ‘parcels of care’ that can be delivered by healthcare professionals that are linked to NHS / patient needs and the requirements of the healthcare professional.

We recognise that, for example, community pharmacy as an independent contractor, is a business and that the delivery of these parcels of care must be linked to a return on investment.

We aim to bring together a number of parcels of care onto one site, intended as a one-stop shop for healthcare professionals.

If you want any more information please contact us at info@connect2pharma.co.uk or follow us on all social media sites.

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